Generation 2000

Five Programmatic Thesis

Group and Remark

We are a construction site for comments on our present. We do express our common perception of life in art and discussion. We define us as part-time artists, nevertheless we work reliable.

We are the Generation 2000

Generation 1972-1979

Carefree Seriousness

We do write "honesty" into the streets. We do work with a great seriousness and sincerity. We do practice self-criticism and self-irony. It is not ready yet; it is only our truth.

Minimal Claim

An artisitc expression of Generation 2000 should combine beauty, seriousness and self-criticism. Taken aside and contemplated seperately the asthetic remains only vanity, the seriousness only ideology and the ironie only fa├žade.


We do understand Generation 2000 as an offer to develop your own views. It is a chance and it enables us to have an effect - it is a possibility to trace developments and to have influence on them. Comment and Documentation are the goals of the Generation 2000.