Generation 2000

Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac died on Oktober 21, 1969. Generation 2000 commemorates in October 1999 the 30th anniversary the death of this great beat poet.


The Philosophy of Fire, Klaas Winter (Oct 9, 99), Reading Sample:

"[...] Jack Kerouac did search and he did live, I am glad and happy, thankful and wish the best. Jack Kerouac and his friends were simple, they cheered, howled and founded the pale-gray, honest, shy life full of warmth and sincerity, full of fear and coldness, they proclaimed and wrote along the rhythm of music and love, of the bodies and the heartbeats of the Beat-Generation, they set out, ran, moved into the world [...]"

The New Orleans Story, Christian Watzke (Oct 20, 99), Reading Sample:

"[...] We now sat in in a large room with an oil heater in one corner which was rusty and full of dust. And although it never got really cold in this area the whole room was the lined up towards this heater. We set down on some old armchairs. Dean had gone into the kitchen made sandwiches. Sal told me that the Orgon-Accumulator Old Bull had built must be somewhere on this property. From the adjoining room entered a sad looking woman. Ihad not seen her yet although I was hanging around in this house for almost a day. She stepped up to Ed Dunkel. He look kind of overtaxed. [...]"