Generation 2000

Segmente Trilogy

Segment 1 - The Tape

By Christian Watzke - Although Albert doen't want to, Maike totally occupied his thoughts. She not only appears in his dreams. It also seems that she has send him a tape. Yet Albert just wants to be left alone.

Segment 2 - "Heudtebilli, morndtteuer!"

By Klaas Winter - Florence after the turn of the millenium. Street traders, busses and policemen stroll isolated around and do finally meet somewhere, too. "Heudtebilli, morndtteuer!" is what street trades say to lure their German customers.

Segment 3 - Fire

By Christian Watzke and Klaas Winter - There is a fire burning. It leaves its traces on the landscape. Land-Art - in the former nowhereland between East- and West-Germany.